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Amazon’s Prime Video Will Reportedly Get Their Own NFL Playoff Game In 2025

Amazon Prime Video is set to make history by hosting its first-ever NFL Playoff game in 2025, marking a significant milestone for sports streaming. The Wall Street Journal’s Joe Flint revealed that Amazon outbid Peacock for the exclusive rights to broadcast the Playoff game, expanding its already growing portfolio of sports content. Amazon, which has been streaming Thursday Night Football games since 2017, entered into an 11-year deal starting this season to air Thursday Night Football exclusively on Prime Video. This move underscores Amazon’s commitment to becoming a major player in sports broadcasting.

Amazon’s decision to secure the Playoff game rights demonstrates the shifting landscape of sports viewership from traditional network television to streaming platforms. While Prime Video has a substantial subscriber base compared to Peacock, the move to host a Playoff game exclusively on a streaming service is a bold step towards catering to a digitally savvy audience. Peacock, which aired a Playoff game this season, reportedly gained 2.8 million new subscribers in the days leading up to the Chiefs-Dolphins Wild Card game, highlighting the potential for streaming services to draw in viewers with exclusive sports content.

The NFL’s partnership with Amazon for the Playoff game signifies the league’s openness to exploring new broadcasting avenues and reaching fans across various platforms. With streaming services increasingly becoming a primary source of entertainment for many, securing exclusive sports content can significantly boost subscriber numbers and viewer engagement. As Amazon Prime Video prepares to host the NFL Playoff game in 2025, it sets the stage for a new era of sports broadcasting, where streaming platforms play a crucial role in delivering live sports to a global audience.

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