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The 15 Best Big Pizza Chains, Power Ranked For Super Bowl Weekend

The Super Bowl weekend is synonymous with pizza, and with a myriad of options from big chains, choosing where to order from can feel overwhelming. Fear not, pizza aficionados, for we’ve embarked on a culinary quest to power rank the 15 best big pizza chains to ensure your Super Bowl feast is nothing short of spectacular. This guide isn’t just about finding a decent slice; it’s about crowning the champions of chain pizza, where convenience meets quality.

Before diving into the rankings, let’s set the criteria for what elevates a pizza from good to greatness. The foundation of any stellar pizza is its dough – it should be chewy, with just the right balance of softness and crisp. The sauce is next, which should enhance, not overshadow, the pizza’s flavors, boasting a brightness that complements the cheese and toppings rather than competing with them. Speaking of cheese, it must be more than just a layer of dairy; the best mozzarella is creamy, slightly nutty, with that quintessential stretchy melt.

With these factors in mind, our rankings will focus on each chain’s original crust, setting aside variations like thin crust or deep dish unless they’re the signature offering. Now, let’s slice into the rankings!

15. Chuck E. Cheese

  • Dough: 2
  • Sauce: 1
  • Cheese: 1
  • Total Score: 4

Tasting Notes & Thoughts: Chuck E. Cheese’s offering lands at the bottom of our list, with a pizza that sadly disappoints. The sauce resembles ketchup more than a pizza topping, the dough is oddly sweet, hinting at a prolonged freeze, and the cheese, inexplicably, has a foot-like aroma. Mozzarella’s mildness should never invoke such comparisons.

Moving on from Chuck E. Cheese, let’s take a journey through the pizza landscape, from coast to coast, evaluating each chain’s attempt at pizza perfection. As we savor each slice, we’ll assess the harmony of dough, sauce, and cheese, searching for those that achieve the culinary trifecta. From classic offerings of Pizza Hut and Domino’s to the innovative twists of Blaze and MOD Pizza, our list spans the spectrum of what big chain pizza can offer.

Expect some surprises along the way – chains you might have overlooked could just be the hidden gems of pizza excellence. As we ascend our power rankings, the scores increase, reflecting a closer alignment with our ideal pizza criteria.

Finally, we crown the ultimate big pizza chain, the one that delivers not just on taste but also on the experience, ensuring your Super Bowl party is remembered for the right reasons. This champion will have demonstrated mastery over dough, sauce, and cheese, creating a pizza that’s not just satisfying but memorable.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of a thin crust or a staunch supporter of the deep dish, our power rankings offer something for every pizza lover. As the Super Bowl kicks off and the game unfolds, let these pizza champions elevate your viewing experience, ensuring that regardless of the game’s outcome, your taste buds emerge victorious.

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