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Bradley Cooper Considered Adele for ‘A Star Is Born’

Bradley Cooper, at the 2024 Santa Barbara International Film Festival, unveiled his early casting considerations for ‘A Star Is Born‘, revealing Adele was once a contender for the lead role. The 2018 hit, which marked Cooper’s directorial debut, featured him as Jack, a fading country rock singer, opposite Lady Gaga’s Ally, an aspiring singer. Yet, Cooper disclosed his initial musings about casting Adele, envisaging a plot where Jack’s dwindling career takes a turn upon meeting a woman abroad.

The role, ultimately embodied by Gaga, was also nearly portrayed by Beyoncé before unforeseen circumstances led to her departure. Cooper reflected on the apprehension he felt while pitching the role to Beyoncé, noting a “weird cough” that accompanied his nerves. The actor-director had even contemplated Jack White for his own character’s role before settling on the final cast.

Adele’s potential venture into acting was hinted at in a recent Vanity Fair interview, where she expressed enthusiasm for a specific, undisclosed project. She remains hopeful about the script’s development, confident in her ability to deliver a standout performance.

Cooper, who also directed the Leonard Bernstein biopic ‘Maestro’, shared insights into his directing approach, inspired by Christian Bale’s method acting on the set of 2013’s ‘American Hustle’. Staying in character off-camera, a technique he admired in Bale, has since become a staple in Cooper’s acting and directing methodology.

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