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Did Latto Diss Nicki Minaj On ‘Sunday Service?’

Rephrase my Latto may say her new song “Sunday Service” isn’t a “diss song,” but that doesn’t mean she didn’t use the opportunity to take a few shots at foes like Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj. As with plenty of records in this lane, she keeps things vague enough to stick to just about anyone the taunts apply to, but not overt enough to dominate the track and derail fans’ ability to enjoy the boastful raps.
While promoting the track, Latto dropped cover artwork that featured several women in rap, which some fans interpreted as a call-out. However, she said the cover was merely paying homage to her peers and influences, whether she has beef with them or not. However, as she has had beef with Nicki Minaj in the past, fans were undoubtedly wondering if she reserved a few lines for the woman she previously dismissed as an “angry aunty.”
Well, if the shoe fits, wear it, and there is at least one line in Nicki’s dainty size. In the second verse, she raps, “These bitches corny, soon as monkey see, then you know monkey do / Do you rap or do you tweet? ‘Cause I can’t tell, get in the booth, bitch / Stop all that motherfuckin’ yellin’, ho / ‘Cause I ain’t buyin’ what you’re sellin’, ho.” Some fans have interpreted this as a shot at Nicki, who’s displayed a propensity for going on days-long Twitter rants about her enemies, but notably never actually delivered a diss track directed at Latto — although some fans stretched one particular line to make it seem she might have. Of course, Nicki’s initial attack on Latto sort of blew up in her face, so it makes sense that she’d be reluctant to do so again, preferring to instead lash out through proxy Ice Spice. We’ll see if the latest salvo changes things.
You can check out Latto’s video for “Sunday Service” above. for better SEO. 

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