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Donna Summer Estate vs Kanye West Over ‘I Feel Love’ Sample

The estate of the legendary disco queen Donna Summer has publicly condemned Kanye West for the unauthorized use of her iconic track ‘I Feel Love’ in his latest album ‘Vultures’. The controversy surrounds the album’s track ‘Good (Don’t Die)’, which reportedly samples Summer’s groundbreaking single, raising questions about copyright infringement. According to the estate’s Instagram Stories, West had sought permission to use the sample but was ultimately denied. Despite this, the estate alleges that West proceeded to modify the lyrics, employed a different vocalist, or possibly utilized artificial intelligence to mimic the original sample—a move they claim violates copyright laws.

Representatives for Kanye West have yet to respond to these allegations. This incident adds to a series of copyright disputes involving West, including recent criticisms from Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne for his use of Black Sabbath’s ‘Iron Man’ without consent. The Osbournes, who have taken legal action against West, labeled his actions as disrespectful and accused him of promoting hate.

In the wake of these controversies, West removed the contentious Black Sabbath sample from his album, substituting it with a cleared sample from his own repertoire. However, the album continues to stir debate, not only for its contentious samples but also for lyrics that seem to align West with controversial figures Bill Cosby and R Kelly, both convicted of sexual assault.

This ongoing saga highlights the complexities of copyright law and artistic integrity in the music industry, sparking dialogue among artists, legal experts, and fans alike. As the dispute unfolds, the music community watches closely, awaiting further developments and the potential legal ramifications for Kanye West’s latest project.

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