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Liam Gallagher’s Unplanned Collaboration with John Squire Ignites Musical Fire

Liam Gallagher, the iconic voice behind Oasis, was on the verge of taking a sabbatical from the music scene when an unexpected call from John Squire, the legendary guitarist of The Stone Roses, changed his plans. The result? A groundbreaking collaborative album set to release on March 1, followed by a tour that became an instant sell-out, demonstrating the undying appetite for their combined musical genius. This partnership, sparked during Gallagher’s monumental Knebworth shows in 2022, where Squire made a guest appearance, represents a fusion of two of Britain’s most influential music eras.

Gallagher, initially intent on a leisurely year off, found the lure of Squire’s new tunes irresistible. “I was gonna have a year off after Knebworth, but when John rang up saying, ‘Look, I’ve got these tunes’, I thought, ‘I’m in, mate!’” Gallagher shared with Guitarist magazine. His admiration for Squire’s guitar prowess is palpable, dubbing him “probably the best of his generation.”

Interestingly, Squire revealed his initial search for a female vocalist for the project, a journey that ultimately led him to Gallagher. The collaboration was solidified after their performance at Knebworth, with Gallagher’s only condition being an album rich in guitars. “That was everything I needed to hear,” Squire remarked, encapsulating the serendipitous nature of their musical union.

Amidst this exciting new chapter, fans are reminded of Oasis’s storied past with the news that the documentary “Supersonic,” covering the band’s explosive rise during the Britpop era, will soon leave Netflix. As Gallagher and Squire embark on this new journey, they not only celebrate their illustrious careers but also offer a promising glimpse into the future of rock music.

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