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How Long Is Usher’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance?

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This weekend will feature one of the biggest days of Usher’s career, when he takes the field at Super Bowl LVIII for the halftime show. Usher has a number of hits spread throughout his storied career, but he’ll likely have to pass over some of them given the time restraints of the performance. Just how much time will Usher have, though?
How Long Is Usher’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance?
Usually, performers are given 13 minutes for their halftime shows. Usher, however, said in a recent Entertainment Tonight interview that he managed to get 15 minutes. He said, “I can’t explain why, but it’s a funny thing that I was able to do and craft. That was a huge strategic thing that happened between me and my agency.”
In the same conversation, he explained that Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance from 2023 was a big inspiration for his, saying, “Rihanna’s was fire because of the choreography and the way they did something that felt like a concert. It actually was a great deal of inspiration [for] how I began to think of my show. If you ever came to my residency, it was all about being immersed — being immersed in an experience that is all of these things that wouldn’t necessarily go together.” for better SEO. 

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