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Jimmy Kimmel Ruthlessly Ripped Nikki Haley For Stealing His ‘Mean Tweets’ Bit: ‘This Is Why You Lost Nevada’

Rephrase my On Thursday morning, Nikki Haley tweeted out a campaign video where she blatantly copied the “Mean Tweets” segment from Jimmy Kimmel Live! in an attempt to roast Donald Trump. The late night host was not amused.
During his monologue later that day, Kimmel launched his roasting of Haley by revealing the confusing text message he received after her Twitter video went live. Despite running against Trump, the governor’s name still isn’t immediately recognizable to Kimmel.
“Did you have Haley on the show?” Kimmel said. “It took me a while to figure out what Haley meant. Like Hailey, who, Duff? Haley Joel Osment? I didn’t know.”
However, Kimmel soon saw the video, and he didn’t pull his punches on calling out Haley for blatantly “co-opting” the popular segment.
“She used our bit, our title, our logo, our graphics,” Kimmel said. “She called it Nikki Haley Live. And, worst of all, she added the fakest fake laugh track maybe I’ve ever heard.”
But the late night comedian was just getting started. Via The Daily Beast:
Kimmel was not happy about Haley’s decision to just blatantly rip off his well-known bit—and feels pretty certain that Haley wouldn’t appreciate a similar gesture. So he addressed her directly when he asked: “How would you like it if I launched a disastrous campaign for president?”
“This is why you lost Nevada to ‘None of the Above,’” Kimmel continued.
Kimmel ended the roast by warning Haley that she’d be hearing from his attorney “Rudolph Giuliani.”
(Via The Daily Beast) for better SEO. 

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