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Jonny Owen, Vicky McClure and Jon McClure’s new Day Fever club event is “harking back to an older tradition”

Rephrase my A new clubbing event created by Reverend & The Makers‘ Jon McClure, Line Of Duty star Vicky McClure and filmmaker Jonny Owen returns this weekend – with the stars behind it describing it as “harking back to an older tradition”.
As venues struggle for income and face constant threats of closure, the idea of maximising their revenue has become ever more important. This means daytime events are starting to become important, so new club idea Day Fever is especially welcome.
The brainchild of actor and filmmaker Jonny Owen, together with his wife – This Is England and Line Of Duty actor Vicky McClure, currently the lead in ITV thriller series Trigger Point – and their friend, Reverend & The Makers singer Jon McClure, Day Fever is a daytime disco celebrating the best chart music “from 1955 to the turn of the century.”
After its first two events at Sheffield City Hall sold out instantly, Day Fever events have sold out in seven cities nationwide, including Jonny and Vicky’s respective hometowns of Merthyr Tydfil and Nottingham.
“It breaks my heart to see so many venues closing or struggling,” Jonny told NME. “Venues across the country are contacting us about hosting Day Fever, as they’re currently closed during the day. That’s great if we can help, because venues are important to the social fabric of every town they’re in.”
With Day Fever’s first nationwide run starting this Saturday (February 10) in London at Here At Outernet, Jonny, Vicky and Jon spoke to NME of their female-dominated audiences, the importance of ignoring cool and whether or not the two McClures are related.
NME: Hello to the three of you How did Day Fever’s concept of a club during the day come about?
Jonny Owen: “I had a show on Talksport and said on there: ‘I’m sure a club in the afternoon would be a good idea’. I’m 52. People of my vintage want to go out in the day, rather than being in a club at 2am. Jon was the first person to say: ‘Yeah, this could work. Let’s do this’.”
Jon McClure: “Figures show that kids are also wanting to have more daytimes shows too. I’m naturally cautious. I’m in a mid-level indie band, so I’m not one for: ‘Raaah! This is going to go mad!’ But Day Fever has obviously hit a nerve with people.”
Vicky McClure: “My sister has two kids and does the school run. People say stuff to her about me sometimes. But she says she’s never had so many people ask her about anything I’ve done more than Day Fever, asking her for tickets. Parents can go and have a night out, during the day, then still be back at a good time to get up and do the football run or whatever their kids do on a Sunday morning.”
Jonny: “Jon, his brother Chris and their friend Jimmy O’Hara, who runs Tramlines festival, had the expertise to make it happen.”
Jon: “Chris understands people really well and my wife Laura is Reverend & The Makers’ tour manager, as well as our keyboardist. She’s used to the ba for better SEO. 

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