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Kanye West removes sample of Black Sabbath’s ‘Iron Man’ following Ozzy Osbourne criticism

Kanye West has taken action to remove a contentious sample of Black Sabbath’s iconic track ‘Iron Man’ from his latest album ‘Vultures’ following a public denouncement by Ozzy Osbourne and his wife, Sharon Osbourne. The backlash began when Ozzy Osbourne accused West of anti-Semitism and denounced the rapper’s unauthorized use of the sample during a promotional event for the album, a collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign. The criticism escalated with Sharon Osbourne’s remarks, highlighting West’s disrespect and the emotional harm his actions have caused.

The controversy unfolded after West, despite being explicitly denied permission to use a live performance segment of ‘Iron Man’ from the 1983 US Festival, proceeded to play the sample at his album listening party. The Osbournes’ response was swift, with Ozzy Osbourne expressing his dismay and disassociation from West, and Sharon Osbourne issuing a stern rebuke. Following the fallout, West opted to replace the disputed sample with a snippet from his own track ‘Hell Of A Life’, which includes a legally-cleared sample of ‘Iron Man’.

This incident is part of a series of controversies surrounding West, who faced widespread criticism and professional repercussions due to his statements deemed anti-Semitic. Several brands and entities distanced themselves from the rapper, leading to a significant impact on his career and collaborations. Despite issuing an apology to the Jewish community, West’s actions continue to provoke reactions from both the public and fellow artists.

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