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Kate McKinnon And Her Cat Star In The Most Bizarre Big Game Commercial So Far

Rephrase my With the Super Bowl just a few days away, brands have been getting a jump on promoting their star-studded commercials. We’ve already seen Arnold Schwarzenegger as a State Farm agent, and now, Kate McKinnon stars in a truly bizarre big game spot for Hellman’s.
In the 60-second spot that just hit YouTube, McKinnon is trying to figure out what she can make with the leftovers in her fridge. Nothing seems terribly exciting until her cat makes a suggestion by seemingly say “mayo” instead of “meow.” At first, McKinnon is onboard with the suggestion before realizing the more important matter on hand.
“Holy sh*t, you can talk.”
And thus, Mayo Cat was born. The two embark on a whirlwind press tour as McKinnon’s “talking” cat becomes a worldwide sensation filled with talk show interviews and glamorous photo shoots that may or may not involve McKinnon eating gobs of mayonnaise right out of the jar.
Of course, no celebrity rise is complete without the biggest rite of passage: Dating Pete Davidson. That’s right, Mayo Cat and Pete quickly become a hot item, and then just as quickly go their separate ways.
“You lasted longer than most,” McKinnon says to console her sulking feline. “Wanna go pound some milk and rip up my couch?”
Super Bowl LVIII kicks off 6:30 ET on CBS. for better SEO. 

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