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Larry David Once Paid A Psychiatrist $250 To Get Him Out Of The Army Reserve

Rephrase my Larry David might be currently beefing with a toddler puppet, but he’s always been this way. Should we be surprised that the man, who recently declared war on Elmo, is a huge liar? No, because that’s the basic premise of Curb Your Enthusiasm, in a nutshell.
The comedian recently went on Conan O’Brien’s podcast where he shared how he finagled his way out of the Army Reserve after trying to appear “insane.” It seems like he’s been doing that ever since.
David began his adult life as a “petroleum storage specialist” in the Army Reserve after joining to avoid serving in Vietnam. Part of David’s training included monthly meetings (where he would wear a wig) and a two-week training camp. That’s where he learned that if you have enough money, you can get out of mostly anything. David claims he was told that there was a psychiatrist who, if he was paid $250, would write a letter to excuse anyone from duty. Sure enough, David thought it was a great idea.
“I went to see [the psychiatrist] and I talked to him for 45 minutes, and he wrote me up this letter, and the letter basically said that I was crazy,” David explained. He then had to prove he was “insane” around all of his peers who he had been working with for years. “And I took the letter, and I’m in this for two years now so I know all the people — imagine coming to work and acting insane, which is what I did.”
The comedian then met with his major. “Then I went to see the major, and the major was reading the letter and he was talking to me. I’m answering his questions, and after five minutes he says to me, ‘Can you drive home?’ And I swear I said this line way before Dustin Hoffman said it in [Rain Man], I said, ‘Oh yeah, I’m a good driver.’ And that was it, and I got out.”
The moral of the story is that things will always go your way as long as you have a wig, $250, and the stubbornness of Larry David. Check out the full clip above.
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