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Nardo Wick And Sexyy Red’s ‘Somethin’ Video Has Fans Reminiscing About A Long Since Forgotten Viral Sensation

Nardo Wick and Sexyy Red’s latest collaboration, “Somethin,” is stirring up nostalgia among fans, taking them back to the days of the once viral sensation IceJJFish. The track stands out in an era where rap enthusiasts are growing weary of repetitive samples. Yet, “Somethin” manages to break the mold by drawing inspiration from IceJJFish’s unforgettable 2014 hit, “On The Floor.” From the moment the song begins, listeners are greeted with the distinctive chorus of IceJJFish, instantly transporting them to a time when viral hits were shared across early social media platforms.

The “Somethin” video pays homage to this viral era, featuring IceJJFish’s iconic lines, “It’s something about ya, girl / That just makes my head wanna twirl / You got me wantin’ to tell all them other girls / There’s nothing else better on this world / The moment I seen her.” This creative decision by Nardo Wick not only showcases his ability to blend contemporary rap with nostalgic internet culture but also highlights his and Sexyy Red’s readiness to reveal a more emotional side beneath their tough exteriors.

As fans watch the “Somethin” video, many can’t help but reminisce about the simpler times of internet fame and the unique characters like IceJJFish who became unexpected stars. This track serves as a reminder of how viral moments can leave a lasting impression on music and culture, bridging the gap between past internet phenomena and current musical trends.

Nardo Wick and Sexyy Red’s choice to incorporate IceJJFish’s work into their song is a testament to their versatility and willingness to experiment with different influences. It’s a bold move that pays off, as “Somethin” resonates with listeners for its genuine emotion and nostalgic undertones, proving that even in a landscape saturated with samples, there’s always room for innovation and homage to internet legends.


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