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Pink’s Concerts Just Keep Getting Crazier, As Someone Went Into Labor In The Crowd Of Her Sydney Show

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The past few months have truly been a wild ride at Pink’s concerts, and it turns out things are only getting stranger. During the pop star’s recent show in Sydney, she had to pause while performing, because a woman started giving birth in the crowd.
There’s lots to unpack from that alone. But yes, just as she started to perform a ballad on the piano, the chaos began.
“Are you guys waving for help?” she then stops and realizes, as she points to a spot in the audience. “Yes? I think they need help over here y’all.”
“They need a medic they said,” Pink added over the microphone. The crowd then erupts in applause as Pink gets confused. “What happened? What did I do?”

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Soon enough, she (sort of) finds out what is happening. “A baby? What about the baby? What’s wrong with the baby?” she asks in shock. After a few attempts of trying to hear the crowd, she then is even more shocked to find out someone is starting to go into labor.
“I feel like we shouldn’t be looking,” she jokes. Thankfully, the baby was only on its way, not fully arriving in the crowd, which does make things a little better. Pink later took to Instagram where she detailed the wild performance.

Check out a TikTok of Pink finding out someone was having a baby at her show above. for better SEO. 

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