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Streaming Highlights: Top Picks to Watch This Week

This week’s curated streaming selections spotlight a mix of compelling narratives, historical dramas, and thrilling adventures that are captivating viewers across various platforms. From the ancient exploits of a legendary conqueror to the intricate lives of modern-day expatriates and the dark corners of crime and mystery, here are the must-watch titles to add to your digital queue:

TIE: 10. “Alexander: The Making Of A God” (Netflix) offers an in-depth look at Alexander the Great’s life, blending dramatic reenactments with scholarly insights and groundbreaking archaeological discoveries, while exploring his personal relationships, including speculation around his sexuality.

TIE: 10. “Expats” (Amazon Prime), starring Nicole Kidman, weaves a complex narrative around the intertwined lives of expatriates in Hong Kong, offering a peek into their luxurious yet emotionally fraught existence.

  1. “Wonka” (VOD & Amazon Prime), with Timothée Chalamet leading the cast, reimagines the whimsical world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, adding layers to the backstory of its eccentric candy maker.
  2. “Anatomy Of A Fall” (VOD & Amazon Prime) is a gripping French thriller that follows a German novelist embroiled in a web of suspicion following her husband’s mysterious death, challenging her to prove her innocence.
  3. “The Beekeeper” (VOD & Amazon Prime) sees Jason Statham in a riveting role as a government contractor drawn back into the field for one final mission to “protect the hive,” blending action with intrigue.
  4. “Griselda” (Netflix), with Sofia Vergara’s powerful performance, dives into the life of the infamous drug lord Griselda Blanco, presenting a nuanced portrayal of her rise and reign within the criminal underworld.

These selections stand out not just for their compelling content but also for their ability to engage and provoke thought, making them worthy additions to your streaming agenda.

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