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The Next ‘Game Of Thrones’ Targaryen Show Is In Development With A Promising Update

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The second season of House of the Dragon will arrive sometime this spring on HBO. At that point, the Targaryen Civil War is officially on, and Westeros will be asked to line up on the side of newly appointed King Aegon II or Viserys’ true chosen heir, Princess Rhaenyra. This will get bloody, obviously, and George R.R. Martin has alluded to HBO having a total of four seasons mapped out.
When it comes to streaming TV, however, there’s no time like the present to plan for the future, or rather, the past. Additionally, HBO is going to start filming a House of the Dragon sequel series, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight, later this year, and that show will be mostly Targaryen-free. Still, they aren’t done with the blondes yet. A House of the Dragon prequel show — based upon Aegon Targaryen I’s initial conquest of Westeros — has moved past the “well, maybe” stage and is now in active development, and according to Hollywood Reporter, a pedigreed writer stepped up to the plate:
HBO is partnering with Mattson Tomlin, an in-demand scribe who did uncredited work on Matt Reeve’s The Batman and is co-writing its upcoming sequel, The Batman Part II. He also wrote the Keanu Reeves action comic adaptation BRZRKR and an animated Terminator series which he is also showrunning for Netflix.
The story will involve Aegon and his two sisters (also wives, because that’s what Targaryens do) zooming around Westeros and gathering the Seven Kingdoms under their rule. Actually, make that only six of those kingdoms, but you gotta have a defiant kingdom in the mix. This is GRRM, after all, so we shall see what happens. If that wait feels too long, then we can at least rest assured that it’s not another cookbook troll job. Small blessings.
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