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Tina Fey Gave Bowen Yang A Fun Little Earful About Being ‘Too Famous’ To Have Opinions In Public Now

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Bowen Yang might be breaking out in the mainstream world lately, but he and Matt Rogers have been spewing celebrity gossip since Obama was still in office, so they know what they’re doing. The two host their popular podcast Las Culturistas where they frequently talk (and critique) pop culture moments. But Tina Fey, who recently appeared on the podcast, says that he can’t do that kind of stuff anymore!!
As part of their weekly “I Don’t Think So, Honey” segment, Fey took 60 seconds to give Yang a fun little scolding for his opinions, saying he is “too famous” to be blasting movies on his podcast. Yang was in some hot bathwater after saying he was “bored” during Saltburn earlier this year, only to work alongside Jacob Elordi on SNL shortly after.
“I don’t think so, honey, Bowen Yang giving his real opinions about movies on this podcast. I regret to inform you that you’re too famous now, sir,” Fey began, while Yang was laughing.
“You have a problem with Saltburn? Shhh. Quiet luxury,” Fey said. “Keep it to yourself. Because what are you going to do when Emerald Fennell calls you about her next project, where you play Carey Mulligan’s coworker in the bridal section of Harrods and then Act Three takes a sexually violent turn and you have to pretend to be surprised by that turn? You hang out with Ariana and SpongeBob now, that is your life,” Fey added, referring to his upcoming role in Wicked where he stars alongside Grande.
Fey added, “Learn from my mistakes. Learn from Ayo. Podcasts are forever,” referring to Edibiri’s controversial JLo comments in which she called the singer a “scam” back in 2020. During last week’s Saturday Night Live episode, Edibiri seemingly poked fun at herself in a sketch about Instagram comments. “It’s wrong to leave mean comments, or post comments just for clout, or run your mouth on a podcast and you don’t consider the impact because you’re 24 and stupid!” she said in character.

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To come full circle, Edibiri commented on the Instagram post “LEARN FROM ME” so it seems like we will never get her true opinion on anything anymore. We’ll always have Letterboxd.
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