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When Does ‘True Detective’ Season 4, Episode 5 Come Out?

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True Detective fans who worried they might have to choose between watching Taylor Swift’s boyfriend win the Super Bowl this Sunday or watching Jodie Foster play an emotionally stunted, perpetually-horny police chief on the brink of solving a supernatural murder can now rest easy.
Rather than risk low ratings for the show’s upcoming fifth episode, Max has announced it’s pushing its release date — freeing up fans to enjoy all of the commercials, musical performances, and camera pans of Swift without feeling bad about missing their favorite nighttime murder show. And that’s a good thing because the fifth episode of True Detective: Night Country is shaping up to be a pivotal one for audiences desperate to solve its central snowy mystery.
When Does True Detective Season 4, Episode 5 Come Out?
Normally, new episodes of True Detective: Night Country air on HBO and Max on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET. While cable fans can still tune in for that scheduled showing, the streaming platform is offering subscribers a chance to catch all the action a bit earlier. The fifth episode of the show will be available to watch on Max on Friday, February 9th at 9 p.m. ET.
What’s The Plot Of True Detective Season 4, Episode 5?
The show’s fourth episode was marked by tragedy when Navarro’s (Kali Reis) sister Julia committed suicide, pushing the quick-tempered detective to self-destruct in a bloody way. While both she and Danvers (Foster) are still consumed with solving the case of the dead scientists from Tsalal, complications arise when a link between the research station and the local mining company is uncovered. The pair are forced to make some tough, career-defining decisions in their pursuit of the truth while Danvers’ daughter, Leah (Isabella Star LeBlanc) finds herself in the middle of an environmental protest that quickly turns violent.
How Many Episodes Of True Detective Season 4 Are There?
This week’s installment marks the penultimate episode of the season which means the show only has one episode left to solve the mystery of Annie K.’s brutal murder and its connection to the disaster that happened at the research station.
Is There A Trailer For True Detective Season 4, Episode 5?
Max released a teaser for the show’s fifth episode earlier this week. In it, Leah can be seen protesting the mine that’s been wreaking havoc on the local indigenous population while Navarro struggles to keep her hallucinations in check. for better SEO. 

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